Simple Tips for a Great Super Bowl Party

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Having friends over for the Brady vs Ryan Super Bowl slugfest? Well we hope it’s a slug fest. And we hope you’re ready. Here are some really simple tips to help feed and drink your guests for the evening spectacle.

Tips from ShopRTO

Ask friends to bring dishes. That’s real easy. And make sure they’re all heavy appetizers. Makes it easy, fun and with lots to choose if you have guests with varying tastes.

Another good and easy tip is use a crockpot! They’re great for all kinds of meatballs, chill and thick soups. Have your friends bring their crockpots as well. Throw the ingredients in there at noon and by the game they’re ready for the taking. Here’s a good site for all sorts of crockpot recipes.

Get a big plate of cold cuts, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, fixing with slider rolls. Small, bite-size sandwiches are easy to maneuver, easy to eat and allow room for all of the other nibbles. And, they’re easy to make or have guests make.

Use pillsbury crescent dough to wrap around sausages, bacon, cheese, shrimp, etc. Hey, this article didn’t say healthy tips for a great super bowl party. Here’s a good site for quick appetizers for the party.

Get large disposable cups for drinks. People will be walking around so smaller cups offer more opportunities for those drinks to spill. Larger cups contain much better. And use the cups for those crockpot soups but they have to be thick cups designed for hot liquids. There are bio-degradable cups out there so you get the proper cups but do not hurt the environment.

Have ice chests or buckets to put canned or bottled drinks. If you’re up north, you probably won’t need ice. Just put them outside.

Always have plenty of trash cans and bags ready and monitor them. You’d be amazed how quickly they fill up and how little guests will help or alert you that your trashcan is full. Designate bags or cans for recyclables. Have plenty of to-go bags or containers for guests to take home any left-overs.

Have established games and prizes. The best are wagers. Whoever can predict the final scores or scores by each quarter. Who can predict total points. Have a football squares game going on. Those are the best ways to get those non-football fans to enjoy the game.

To make a really great Super Bowl party rent a really big screen at a rent to own store. They also have furniture and refrigerators if you need any extra of those.

Make sure there are designated drivers or be ready to call cabs for those guests who need them.

Just another ShopRTO Lifestyle and Holiday tip. Yes, we are designating Superbowl Sunday as a holiday. So shoot us, Okay!

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