R2O Advantages

R2O Advantages

Rent To Own is a great program that provides freedom and flexibility; we just amp it up so it is more like Rent To Own 2.0 or Rent 2 Own.

We believe our customers should enjoy as much freedom and flexibility as possible to enjoy the products they choose in our stores. Because of this, we’re on a mission to reinvent the Elements of our business and create a flexible, easy, fun-loving HIP culture that really likes to say YES to our customers.

Touting RTO's Competitive Advantages

Most Americans simply do not understand the transaction and the benefits RTO offers. Here are the "Big Nine" benefits and how rent-to-own stacks up in comparison to other business transactions.

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Brand names, new and in stock  
Return products anytime without penalty      
Won’t affect credit rating    
Free delivery & set-up  
Free repairs      
Upgrade to the latest technology      
Try products before purchasing      
No debt incurred  

Rent To Own has some great benefits, but this is where it starts to get HIP with the combination of all the little extras and the incredible 2b2 optional benefits program

Hip is Central Rent to Own


Rent to OwnFree Installation & Demonstration: Not only will we set up your rental and verify it is working correctly, we will also demonstrate all the features and answer any questions you may have.

Rent to OwnFlexible Payment Schedules - and we mean flexible: Enjoy Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-monthly or Monthly payment schedules that comfortably fit your budget and pay days.

Rent to OwnFlexible Agreements: Whether you want something for a day, week, month or forever, we say YES.

Rent to OwnFlexible Payment Options: To make payment easy you can use credit cards, cash, money orders or auto payments and enjoy pay by phone, in our stores or on our secure website.

Rent to Own120-Day Ownership Plans: It’s there if you want it; not required if you don’t. Every agreement comes with a 120-Day Same as Cash Option. You are not locked into 120 Days; use it or use the more flexible budget friendly payment option.

Rent to OwnSave 40% with the Early Payoff Option: At any time, you can use our early payoff option and enjoy 40 percent off of the remaining balance on your path to ownership.

Rent to OwnSpecial Orders: Because there are so many product choices available today, we can’t possibly stock them all…but we say YES to special orders so you can enjoy the specific products you want.

Rent to OwnWe Love to Stay Connected: Whether you like to use the phone, text, email, social media or visits in the store, we love to stay connected with our customers.

Rent to OwnService Guarantee: If a service issue comes up and a rental product stops working, we won’t leave you hanging. We will happily provide you with options to use a loaner while yours is repaired, or have it replaced with a similar product.

Rent to OwnMoving Service: If you move to a new location in our area, just let us know and we’ll move our rental items for you!

Hip to be square program benefits

To be squared2% On-Time Payment Reward - Earn a 2% reward with your early or on-time payments. Use your reward as a credit on your next payment or build points toward other products.

To be squaredBuy Back 2 the Future - New products are coming out all the time. If you like the new version of a product better than the one you purchased from us, we say YES with our guaranteed Buy-Back Program and give you up to 6 months rental credit toward the new product you want.

To be squared2b2 Extended Warranty - Most RTO companies give you a 30-day warranty after you make your last payment. At R2O, our 2b2 Extended Warranty doubles the warranty and then squares it to give you an incredible full-year warranty after you make your last payment. An incredible value and peace of mind for our 2b2 customers.*Available only on rental agreements of 15 months or longer.

To be squared2b2 Extended Moving Service - Once you’ve purchased your rental, we will happily move your purchased items within our market area for an additional year.

To be squared2Reinstatement2 - Most RTO companies will reinstate your agreement for a product of the same type, age, and condition. The 2b2package gives you control. You can return a sofa and love and apply your credits toward a different sofa and love, or a washer and dryer, or a bedroom set for example. The control is in your hands. (See store for details)