Simple Tips for a Great Super Bowl Party

Super bowl

Having friends over for the Brady vs Ryan Super Bowl slugfest? Well we hope it’s a slug fest. And we hope you’re ready. Here are some really simple tips to help feed and drink your guests for the evening spectacle.

Tips from ShopRTO

Ask friends to bring dishes. That’s real easy. And make sure they’re all heavy appetizers. Makes it easy, fun and with lots to choose if you have guests with varying tastes.

What if I Told You That You Never Have to Move a Refrigerator Again

Rent Furniture

No one likes carrying extra baggage, especially if that baggage is a new refrigerator purchased for an apartment with a six-month lease that you are now moving out of. All apartments and rentals are different. Some come fully furnished, others have a shared washer and dryer room, and some have refrigerators with scary stains on the bottom. It is difficult to foresee what you will need in a new place.

Make Your Temporary Residence a Home with Furniture Rentals

Rent Furniture

Anyone that travels knows that saving money is super important. It's impossible to live comfortably on the move without thinking smart about your finances. It's also difficult to move when you are dragging an extra large moving van full of furniture.

Renting Furniture is not Just For the Travelers

Rent Furniture

Renting furniture is becoming more than just a convenient option for those who are in a temporary residence. It's a way of life. People who rent do it because of the options it gives them, at a much lower cost.

Renting Can Be Useful For Homeowners

Rent Furniture

Imagine, a couch with the exact right cushions, the perfect table with the red wood finish, and one of those geometric vases with sea grass sticking out of it. The dream living room. Everyone has one. Now that dream can become a reality with furniture rental!

Rocket Powered Furniture: Renting Gets you Furnished in 48 Hours

Rent Furniture

Most processes, like buying a new house, moving, or finding a new job, take a lot more time than we would like them too. What doesn't have to take time is making your new location feel as comfortable as an old one. If you rent your furniture instead of buying it, you can have your new place looking and feeling like home in a matter of days.

Post College Renting Starter Kit

Rent refrigerator

When a young person graduates from college or makes a career move, the last thing on their mind is settling down. Most will opt for an apartment lease, instead of a down payment on a new house. If the lease is only six months to a year, it's hard to know what kind of furniture to buy. Purchased furniture will either have to fit in the next apartment or be sold after you move.

Wanderlust Living Room: Renting Furniture for the Full-Time Traveler

Rent Furniture

There are a lot of people who like to rent furniture, whether they are showcasing a house or interested in renting to own. But the people who benefit the most from furniture rentals are the full-time travelers. Full-time travelers stay in one place for several months and don't have the time or money to continue to buy and re-sell furniture. Renting Furniture is ideal for the full-time traveler.

Refrigerator on the Fly: Why Non-permanent Residents Should Rent Appliances

rent appliance

These days, more and more people are joining the lifestyle of full time traveling and staying in one place for only a few months to a year at a time. After you get past the beauty of being in someplace new, you can start to realize how expensive it is to get settled in a different place, and how many necessities you are missing. Appliances are some of those necessities.

Tips for Arranging Furniture

Rent Furniture

So you're ready to spruce up your space with furniture. The easy part is covered: Central Rent to Own has everything you need to outfit your digs. But what do you do with your new furniture?

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